Lexportia Bio are the specialists united by a common goal for health & vitality whilst farming harmoniously with the planet working to sustainable farming practices.

Our passion for organic farming is a way of life and we see our values reflected in consumer demand for sustainability and organic fresh produce. Since founding the business in 2012 we’ve seen our values met with continued confidence by working transparently with our farmers throughout Spain. Through our partnerships we’re able to deliver the best quality and achieve fair returns for our network of growers whilst making organic affordable through our lean business model. We take pride of working closely and following the entire supply-chain; from coordinating crop plantings across the growers to safeguarding delivery to our customers is coordinated and managed by the Lexportia Bio team. Being service and quality driven are achievements larger companies aspire to meet but Lexportia Bio achieves. We maintain seasonal availability across a wide range of products for our customers ranging from wholesalers, specialty importers to supermarkets and independent specialty stores.
We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can help us to be much more than what we are
Alice May Brock

To our growers we coordinate:

  • Seed selection
  • Crop planning & Crop rotation ensuring continued sales
  • New product development
  • Packing at source and innovative packaging
  • Quality certifications
  • Export regulations
  • Marketing support
  • Ethical management and transparent trading of their crops

For our customers we deliver:

  • Certified organic produce
  • Variety of crops from different geographic areas enabling regional availability
  • Supply Chain coordination
  • Quality control from field to fork
  • Market knowledge across multiple countries
  • Customs and clearance management